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Larry 2 Key Candles is a luxury relaxation purposes only fragrance brand, specializing in 21oz masculine soy scented candles inspired by a Cosmetologist, Loctician and Barbershop trained individual. 

Discovered in 2018 by a Cosmetologist in his field for 22yrs, William Cortez Lindsey, the Larry 2Key Candle Company is the manifestation of his love story with fragrance, people and comfortability.

When William was a toddler, his mom would always sit him on the couch near the armrest. She said, it never failed, William would always throw his arm up on the armrest and sit there watching kid programs and not make a peep. She also said, it was like he just had this natural cool laid back vibe as a toddler, and he has never changed since then. 

William, a native to Washington DC, decided to make Texas neighborhoods a permanent home.

Through Intense research he discovered thru working at Barbershops and Hair Salons, Larry 2Key Candles tone and essence.

Hip Hop & '70s Soul music with clients was heard daily in the Barbershops and Hair Salons that inspired him to share these experiences through the candles.

Larry 2 Key Candles began when William Cortez Lindsey decided to research about the History of candles, out of pure curiosity.

Our mission is to continually capture our handcrafted candles for relaxation purposes only.

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